Pure Peace

Escape the stress of everyday life

The ideal retreat location is one of pure peace, far away from the noise, pollution and stress of everyday life.

A peaceful setting promotes significant rejuvenation results, making it is possible to relax, clear the mind, release stress and renew energy levels.   Peace inspires creativity and innovation, stimulates clarity in decision-making and promotes communication and teamwork.

Natural surroundings are also essential to the rejuvenation process. An area with an abundance of trees produces rich oxygen. Moreover, a clean water source, organic land and plenty of distance from industry are all important factors. This pure and clean environment enables the body to release toxins, regenerate internal organs, and re-balance the biological systems.

Takaro is the ultimate rejuvenation retreat. Our stunningly remote location; pristine natural surroundings and certified organic farmland, all combine to create a destination so extraordinary, it can only be truly appreciated by experiencing it first hand.