What they say

“An amazing atmosphere... so beautiful, so quiet... Loved every minute of it, Wish we could stay longer!!”
Sara and Adam (Dunedin NZ)

“What a wonderful find. An impromptu evening stop became a 3 day adventure of relaxation and new discovery. Totally rejuvenated and we will return for more!”
Alex, Tara, Archie, Mungo and Eleanor (Phuket, Thailand)

“Thank you for a wonderful stay, we had so much fun it was very much the peaceful resort we thought it would be. Excellent views and excellent rooms, we had such a good sleep! And of course, excellent people as well! We’ll definitely be back!”
Christine and David (Sydney, Australia)

“Not sure if I have the words (or the strength in my right hand after our amazing ATV ride) to express the experience I’ve had here. ‘Mind-blowing, grounding and once in a lifetime’ are just a few words that come to mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 
Amy Jo (Los Angeles, USA)

“Such a lovely peaceful place to stay, the chalets are perfect and the staff wonderful. Perfect place to spend Valentines day!!”
Peter and Kara (Lancashire, UK)

“What a wonderful place - never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would experience such a peaceful environment, Thank you!”
Lauren (Auckland, NZ)