Rejuvenation Treatments

Become younger, healthier and more productive

Takaro’s specialised menu of Rejuvenation Treatments use natural Life Energy (Qi) to re-generate every cell in the body, promoting real changes to help our guests achieve longer, younger, healthier and more productive lives.

We take special care that our delivery is world-class, ensuring that our therapists and life consultants are all fully qualified and hold a minimum university-degree level education in the field of natural health, life consultancy and / or massage therapies.

While our individual retreats offer a complete program, corporate guests can select which treatments they wish to experience during their stay at Takaro.

Examples from our Rejuvenation Treatment menu include:

E Rejuvenation Program (signature treatment)
Our powerful 10-in-one group program features: life education and relaxation by a qualified Life Consultant, meridian treatment, energizing facial mask and 5-element refreshments.  A truly unforgettable experience and unmatched stress release. Available for groups up to 10 people.

E Rejuvenation Break
This is the most effective relaxing and recharging break, best enjoyed first thing in the morning, after lunch or at the end of the day.  This 45 minutes break is available for groups up to 10 people.

Relaxation Experience
One of our trained Life Consultants, guide participants through this 30-minute relaxation session – helping to release stress and dispel tension whilst stimulating the flow of positive energy throughout the body.

Energising Chinese Voice Exercises
Your team will practise the traditional Qi Gong technique, which uses ancient Chinese sounds combined with simple movements, to stimulate energy flow throughout the body – extremely energising and great fun too!