5-element Living

Balance your elements - balance your life

Takaro has created the innovative '5-element Living' experience for its guests, designed with the purpose of balancing individual elements.

From our 5-element Chalets and 5-element Dining, to our menu of Element Lifestyle Activities our guests can immerse themselves in this entirely unique program.

The result is improved physical and emotional health, as well as the development and enhancement of characteristics essential for success, such as: confidence, patience, creativity and communication skills.

The 5-elements

As the core concept behind thousands of years of scientific and medical knowledge from the East, the 5-elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water have a direct affect on our lives.

Each person contains a unique combination of the five elements, lacking some while having too much of others. These imbalances cause physical and emotional health problems and also cause certain personality traits and characteristics.

Each element is connected to specific internal organs and when an element is lacking or in excess, the organs get out of balance, causing illness and disease. If the element of water is out balance for instance, you can easily develop health problems related to the kidneys.

Emotions and personal characteristics are also affected by unbalanced elements, as each element is connected to certain emotions and personality traits. For example, if someone lacks the element of fire, they are more likely to lack confidence and experience feelings of fear or overexcitement.