The Location

One of the world's top 'clean-air' retreats

The Southern Hemisphere is known around the world as "the cleaner half," with only 10% of the world's population, minimal industry, and a protective boundary called the "chemical equator" that prevents pollution from crossing over from the Northern Hemisphere.

From within the Southern Hemisphere, the South Island of New Zealand was voted among the "Top-10 World's Cleanest Air Destinations" in 2008 by Leisure and Travel magazine. The magazine noted that the island is home to only 25% of the country's population, and the wind currents originate from an area with virtually no human activity – the oceans around Antarctica.

Takaro is located in the southern part of the South island on the edge of TeWahipounamu, a World Heritage Area recognized by UNESCO as an "area of outstanding natural beauty." Offering stunning views of the Upekerora river and Kepler Mountain range, Takaro is surrounded by a total of 2.6 million hectares of natural, untouched forest.

This idyllic location affords clean crisp air, natural water sources, un-spoilt beauty and an incomparable feeling of peace, fueling the process of rejuvenation from the first moment you arrive.