The Estate

Remote. Organic. Private.

At the end of a remote dirt road, 32 kilometers from the nearest town, surrounded by 2.6 million hectares of virgin forest, Takaro awaits your arrival. The quiet, peace and tranquility is unmatched.

Boasting over 1000 hectares, the property has been officially certified as organic land since 2006. Our farm, including: top-earning cattle, chickens, sheep and an abundant vegetable and herb garden, supplies the majority of ingredients for our guests' meals. The organic fare provides rich nutrition; promoting detoxification, balancing the digestive system, enriching the blood and replenishing internal organs.

Our water comes from a nearby natural source and has been thoroughly evaluated. The neutral water quality helps the body to regain its optimal PH balance, reducing acidity and helping to neutralize the risk factors for a variety of diseases. The absence of minerals in our water reduces the energy required to filter it as it passes through the body, thus supporting the revitalization of the kidneys.

With the exception of the main lodge and conference facilities, Takaro also offers a digital detox zone. By unplugging from the distractions of the digital age, our guests are able to release toxins, clear the mind, renew energy levels, as well as improve concentration, creativity, communication and teamwork.

Takaro is the ideal retreat location for teams who value their privacy and security and want to ensure that their time away from the office is both highly productive and revitalizing.

For individuals searching for a health retreat that delivers significant and lasting benefits, Takaro is the destination of choice.