Rejuvenation Retreat

Far from the problems and pressure of everyday life, business and... getting older!

From this Rejuvenation Retreat you can expect:

  1. An experience of true natural rejuvenation
  2. A vision of a future more youthful lifestyle
  3. A sensational experience of looking, feeling and acting younger
  4. Deep cleansing of surface energy blockages that damage health and cause aging
  5. Feelings of pure enjoyment and happiness
  6. Guidance on practical first steps towards lifelong health
  7. Advice on increasing personal longevity
  8. An after effect of deep relaxation and inner peace when you return to work

14 day programme includes:

  • Accommodation in luxury “5 element chalets”, all with modern spa bathroom facilities. Balance your elements whilst you sleep in unique and comfortable feng shui’d environments.
  • Welcome fruit basket on arrival
  • Food is healthy, vegetarian and 90% organic, featuring forever young foods including Chinese/western breakfast, lunch and healthy evening snacks.
  • Drinks: Organic herb teas, tinctures and pure fresh organic water.
  • Daily sessions:
    • Morning rejuvenation exercises, group (or individual coaching on request)
    • Natural rejuvenation
    • Life Technology sessions
    • Organic Detox herbal tinctures
    • Use of sauna and fitness
    • Evening “classic energy message movies” in house cinema
    • Long walks and log fires.
  • Optional at additional cost:
    • Coffee colonics (1 or 2 weeks)
    • Colon Cleansing Kit™ (8 days)
    • Internal Cleansing Kit™ (3 weeks +)
    • Element check
    • Numerology reading
  • Choice of extra retreat activities
  • Te Anau lake and Glow worm caves trip
  • Lively Guided Walks with local guides
  • Magical Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit locations tour
  • Visit to Milford and/or Doubtful Sound